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Laguna Beach Substation Expansion

Laguna Beach, Florida

Located near Panama City Beach, this project entailed the 300% expansion of an existing and active substation. While tripling the footprint of the substation, the interesting hurdle also involved the wetlands this property on all sides. De-watering, as well as water treatment for water quality improvement, was required 24/7 during the entirety of this project. The project also included the installation of a twenty foot deep, 300 foot long slurry wall as additional and future environmental protection. Working within active substations has become a staple of ACG’s expertise and capabilities. Again, with no safety issues, ACG was recognized for its safety and quality excellence on this project.


Browse our photo gallery below to see our work progression.

Laguna Beach 1
Laguna Beach 2
Laguna Beach 3
Laguna Beach 4
Laguna Beach 5
Laguna Beach 6
Laguna Beach 7
Laguna Beach 8
Laguna Beach 9
Laguna Beach 10
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