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Landfill Services

Atlantis Commercial Group, Inc. is proud to have some of the brightest and most experienced construction managers in the landfill construction industry. With hundreds of years of combined experience, our leadership and expertise are tremendous assets to any landfill project. With this kind of experience, ACG is proud to be an industry leader when it comes to the construction and maintenance of all types of landfill facilities. Whether subtitle D, subtitle C, ash pond cells/ponds, or other impoundments, ACG can provide the construction and maintenance services you need.  

ACG specializes in providing turnkey landfill construction projects. Our team is highly experienced in the installation of leachate collection systems, methane gas systems, liner installations, cell construction/expansion, and cell closures. ACG has successfully installed millions of square feet of granular clay liner (GCL), HDPE liner, and geo-composite. Feel free to browse our sample project portfolios below.

Sample Project Overview

Santa Rosa, 2015
Hall County, 2015
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