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A Culture of Safety Excellence

ACG’s Safety 365 comprehensive safety program is designed to establish a safety first mentality amongst our family that goes far beyond the job site.  In fact, it is a culture that is designed to engrain safety in everything we do--twenty four hours a day, seven days a week--365 days a year. Through regular training, daily discussions/reviews, behavior based observations/initiatives, accountability, and responsibility, ACG employees and contractors alike are constantly reminded that ACG’s top three goals will always remain the same-safety, safety, and safety! 


It’s ACG’s constant reinforcement and focus on the well-being of our human resources that have led our industry low Experience Modification Rate and a zero Recordable Incident Rate. These safety metrics have been accrued over a seven year period and over 1.35 million man hours of work. While productivity and work quality are the basis for our services, our success has and forever will be anchored in the safety of our personnel and contractors. Our safety statistics and results are by far the most significant point of pride for our executive and management teams. 

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