Santa Rosa Central Landfill

Milton, Florida

The Santa Rosa County Central Landfill, Phase 4, Cell C Construction consisted of the earthwork and incorporated material installation necessary to provide a new 6.5 acre Subtitle D Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Cell adjacent to an active disposal cell nearing fill capacity. Material installation consisted of geosynthetic clay liner, HDPE liner, geocomposite liner, HDPE manholes, HDPE leachate collection system, HDPE leak detection system, HDPE liner penetration boxes, pump system, and solar panel. This project required earthwork “cut and fill,” stockpiling of material, subgrade preparation and protective cover installation.


Browse our photo gallery below to see our work progression. 

Santa Rosa 1
Santa Rosa 2
Santa Rosa 3
Santa Rosa 4
Santa Rosa 5
Santa Rosa 6
Santa Rosa 7
Santa Rosa 8
Santa Rosa 9
Santa Rosa 10
Santa Rosa 11
Santa Rosa 12
Santa Rosa 13
Santa Rosa 14
Santa Rosa 15
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Santa Rosa 17
Santa Rosa 18

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