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Power Industry

Atlantis Commercial Group, Inc. has been providing civil and environmental services to the power industry for over a decade.  Covering all aspects of the operating companies--generation (plant sites), transmission (substations), distribution (ROW clearing)--ACG has the assets and expertise to service Power Industry needs from A to Z.  ACG has provided comprehensive services for large capital, asset retirement and environmental affairs projects.  From ash ponds to oil containments; substation construction to plant maintenance contracts; ROW clearing to spill response, the power industry continues to be a primary focus for ACG.   

Generation (Plant)

  • Ash pond/impoundment closures

  • Material handling projects: gypsum, ash (fly and bottom)

  • Storm system (detention/retention pond) construction

  • Weir and gate maintenance/repair/replacement

  • Pipe installation/replacement/repair (CMP, ACCMP, BCCMP, Concrete, HDPE and ADS)

  • Plant maintenance contracts (grass mowing, internal roadway maintenance, pump monitoring/maintenance, storm event management for ponds, pump replacement/repair)

Transmission (Substation)

  • Substation construction and expansions (clearing, grading, storm system)

  • Substation storm system installation/maintenance/repairs/replacement

  • Substation maintenance and upkeep

  • Oil containment system installation (oil/H2O separators, CI agent, diversion berms, SPI filter installation, Strongwell™)

Sample Project Overview

Plant Bowen, 2012 - 2015
Laguna Beach Substation, 2011
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