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Plant Bowen Ash Pond

Cartersville, Georgia

A modified ash pond closure at the nation’s 2nd largest coal fired generation plant, ACG excavated, conditioned, relocated, placed and compacted over 2,000,000 cubic yards of ash for this project. Much of the material was excavated from an existing wet pond requiring that the material be dried prior to its relocation and placement.  ACG performed this project through hundreds of thousands of accrued man-hours without incident and was recognized on multiple occasions for safety excellence. 


Browse our photo gallery below to see our work progression.

Plant Bowen 1
Plant Bowen 2
Plant Bowen 3
Plant Bowen 4
Plant Bowen 5
Plant Bowen 6
Plant Bowen 7
Plant Bowen 8
Plant Bowen 9
Plant Bowen 10
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