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  • Structural Inspections of concrete, steel and ductwork

  • Structural inspections of intake and outfall structures

  • Civil inspections of earth embanked dams

  • CCR compliant annual inspections

Structural Design

  • Steel and concrete structures including but not limited to:

    • Pipe / Utility Racks

    • Sump Pits

    • Transformer foundations with containment

    • Foundations including shallow and deep

    • Monorails / Trolley Beam

  • Building modifications

  • Access galleries

  • Structural evaluation of existing buildings


  • General Arrangement of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB's) including specification for design and installation

Decommissioning of Units/Stations

  • Estimating amount of concrete, steel and ductwork

  • Lift plans

  • Structural Inspections

  • Consulting for services as identifying scrap value of materials and equipment

Construction Activities

  • Lift plans

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