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Hall County Landfill

Gainsville, Georgia

This project was an active cell modification for the purpose of maximizing permitted air space. The modification extended the life of the cell by 24 to 36 months. The scope of work for this project consisted of excavating and relocating previously buried waste in a matter to create fill slope of 3:1 maximum; excavated cut slopes having slopes of 2:1 maximum; install remove and stockpile topsoil; remove and install clay cover soil material; alter existing leachate recirculation system; install new leachate recirculation system; removal of three existing methane gas test well assemblies; remove existing slope drains and install new slope drains; repair all perimeter ditches and install 3,500 linear feet of flat bottom concrete ditch; install emergency spill way for detention pond; install storm drainage system including 48” corrugated HDPE pipe, two drop inlets, and manhole; and all necessary erosion and sedimentation control.


Browse our photo gallery below to see our work progression.

Hall County 1
Hall County 2
Hall County 3
Hall County 4
Hall County 5
Hall County 6
Hall County 7
Hall County 8
Hall County 9
Hall County 10
Hall County 11
Hall County 12
Hall County 13
Hall County 14
Hall County 15
Hall County 16
Hall County 17
Hall County 18
Hall County 19
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